EVER SO HUMBLE is a comedy, inspired by E.M. Forster's Howards End.

An expired New York City sublet leaves Nick and his two best friends, Bobby and Dana, with no place to live. Enter Howard - a loveable, but lonely man with a house in Brooklyn. Charmed by the homeless threesome, Howard offers his assistance and friendship, introducing Nick and company to a variety of new opportunities as they move forward in their search of a place to call home. Relationships blossom and hilarious complications arise, as Howard's house in Brooklyn becomes the source of a sticky dilemma for his heirs and his new friends. Ever So Humble takes its heart from Forster, exploring the connection of people to a place, class differences, and the conflict between the practical and the romantic.

Poignant, but smart and sassy, Ever So Humble is a very funny and touching reminder that our home and our family are what we make them. 

Ever So Humble had its world premiere at the Hangar Theatre in 2011, under the direction of Peter Flynn.


Nick                     Eric T. Miller

Dana                    Erica Steinhagen

Bobby                  Karl Gregory

Howard                Philip Hoffman

Holden                 Jesse Bush

Daisy                    Andréa Burns

Carl                      Greg Bostwick


Director                Peter Flynn

Asst Director        Stephen Amato

Set Design            Ken Goldstein

Lighting                Jeff Croiter

Costumes             Jennifer Caprio

Sound                   Andrew Wilhelm

Original Music      Brian Feinstein

Ithaca.com  "the word is out and tickets are going fast, and if you're the type of patron who likes to brag that you were there at the world premiere of something wonderful, I'd get my tickets ASAP for this one".

Ever So Humble

A play in two acts - 5 men, 2 women

"Tim PInckney's Ever So Humble is a delight that deserves to go on and entertain many more people."